Five Odd Things They Don’t Tell You When You Become a Content Creator

In the future, everyone will be a content creator. Here’s what you need to know.

Michael Lim
4 min readMay 19, 2022


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The internet is a magical place.

Anyone can become an influencer or content creator. Pick any niche, passion, or esoteric topic, start posting content regularly and watch your audience find you.

Posting one piece of content won’t change your life but posting every day will.

What started as a hobby during the lockdowns has blossomed into a creative outlet for me. I’ve made new friendships, been offered incredible opportunities, and added an additional stream of income.

I had no expectations and never really knew what I was doing. There are no rules. But here are five things I wish I knew earlier.

#1 People Will Know You Before You Know Them

Consuming content is an intimate experience. Especially through a podcast. You are literally in the person’s ear for hours at a time.

You might even be keeping them company as they travel, shop and go about daily life. You feel safe and sound familiar to them.

They will know far more about you than you know about them.

They have formed emotional bonds with you before you even know who they are. It’s quite an odd experience having someone tell me how my podcast and articles have shaped their life.

Overall, this is a positive thing. But I do sometimes feel off balance when I meet people or clients for the first time who have been following me on LinkedIn or Medium for years.

I am sometimes treated like a minor celebrity and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

#2 People Will Judge You Before They Even Know You

You’ll be judged. Get used to it.

No matter what you do, some people won’t like it. For wrong or right reasons, some people in your life might not like that you put yourself out there.

I’ve learned most of these people either fall into three buckets:

  1. Insecure



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