Alex Hormozi’s Latest $100m Investment In Skool Has Changed The Creator Economy Forever (Here’s Why).

Michael Lim
4 min readFeb 15, 2024

Papa Hormozi just broke the internet (again)

Well-regarded for his business acumen, Alex announced on his Instagram that he just made the largest-ever investment into Skool.

Via Alex Hormozi’s Instagram

What’s Skool? It’s an online community platform that was created to grow the online micro-education business model.

Most importantly, it’s the largest investment he has ever made.

But more than the size of the investment is the significance of the investment. Alex Hormozi is betting big on the growth of the creator economy and online micro-education businesses.

Here’s what this means for you.

The creator economy is only expected to grow

I’m going all-in on the creator economy.

Ever since stumbling into this world in 2019, I’ve slowly become more and more obsessed. The ability to monetize my passion, work with cool people, and create a life based on freedom is enticing.

This isn’t just my opinion either.

Research by Goldman Sachs states that “the creator economy could approach half a trillion dollars by 2027.”

The factors that are contributing to this growth are:

  • The growing adoption of the internet across the world.
  • The declining trust in traditional organizations.
  • The overpricing of mainstream education institutions.

People want to buy from people.

Not a faceless organization.

Every CEO, entrepreneur, and high-network individual will be a creator. Look at Elon Musk. His personal brand is more recognizable than Tesla and SpaceX on social media.

We are all creators.

There is nothing permanent about our economic system.



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